I have softupdates, wc and tags enabled, just FYI

> I recently [this week] had to revert to a tape backup of an out-of-sync
/var because yet again, /var got mangled on 'shutdown -r
> now', this time, and I reported this to the list the first time this
happened, is the second time I have had to do this, so this
> seems to be an ongoing issue.
> I have also receieved a lot of master superblock bad notices and had to
manually fix those in between the two occurrances [the first
> was several months ago], anyhow, just like the first time, I got the
master superblock bad warning, as well as the invalid label
> message.  For some reason this always happens with /var, yet with no other
> This time I newfs'ed without softupdates.  We'll see what happens.

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