On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Luigi Rizzo wrote:

> luigi       2001/11/01 08:52:35 PST
>   Modified files:
>     release/picobsd/mfs_tree/etc termcap
>   Log:
>   Add entries for "dumb" and "dialup" terminals, as the shell in HEAD
>   refuses to start if it does not find a matching entry for the terminal
>   type.
>   My impression is that this is a problem in the shell, because
>   at least on PicoBSD images, the shell itself coredumps.
>   Anyways, this is the quickest fix i can come up with.

This is probably caused by the not so recent breakage of libedit.

I now understand why I didn't see as many problems as des for single-user
shells: I have /etc/malloc.conf -> aj, and this prevents detection of
the breakage.  With the default malloc options, "set -E" in /bin/sh
always dumps core if $TERM doesn't exist.  $TERM never exists for
single-user-shells if /usr is a separate filesystem.


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