On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 02:37:01AM -0800, Hiten Pandya wrote:
> hi david...
> if you are running current.. please give more
> information on what it does after it locks out your
> drive...
I really don't know what else to give you.  Any type of large file 
i/o and the computer hard locks.  Before it was doing it while 
erasing linux_base-7.1, now its doing it while I'm installing 
staroffice 5.2.  The machine completely lockes up.  All I can do is 
press is reset, numlock doesn't even work.  I let it sit in its 
locked up state last night for 6 hours and it was indeed still locked 
up when I finally turned it off.  I'm not sure how much more detailed 
I can get as it simply locks and I can't find any logs that give me 
any information while it does.

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