I just cvsupped to the latest stable (from a -STABLE of 2 months ago) and now 
when I use vlc, or mplayer to play dvd's FreeBSD panics and reboots. I traced 
the panic but since I don't have a whole lot of time to sit here on the 
computer and trace kernel panics, I went the lazy man's route and checked out 
a source tree from a month ago. That kernel still had the same problem, so I 
checked a source tree out from 2 months ago, and low and behold the problem 
is gone. I'm still working on figureing out the exact commit that caused the 
problem, and when I find out, I'll let everyone here know, but I just thought 
that someone might already know which commit did it once I mentioned the 
general time the commit occured. Anyway, Just wanted to let everyone know.


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