On 25 Sep, Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:
> Please type "boot -v" at the loader prompt and send me dmesg's output
> after the system has started.

Omitted in the mail to -current.

> I would also like to know more about your mouse: manufacturer, product
> name, model No, a URL which lists this mouse, etc.

4D Browser Mouse
???   (FCC ID:10WCM-B700)
              ^^ either '1' or 'I' and '0' or 'O'
??? (got it in a local store for DEM 20 (~$10?))

Additional info:
 - made in china
 - 5 buttons + wheel
 - 600 dpi
 - "tracking speed: 250mm/sec"
 - it's also available as a serial or USB mouse and with 400 dpi

My old mouse died either while unplugging it from a running system or by
plugging it into another running system (yes I know, PS/2 isn't
hot-pluggable). The new mouse works with W2K in the first system, the
second system refuses to boot if the new mouse is plugged in. I try it
with another mouse later, to determine if the second system (Asus
P2L97-S) is damaged or not. And I try the new mouse with a 3rd system.


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