> OK.  Here we see the confluance of two problems.  First, irq 0 is
> bogus and likely illegal per the pci spec for devices that do
> interrupt.  Even if it isn't illegal, it is wrong wrong wrong wrong,
> but lots of people do it.  I have a patch for -stable, but not for
> current.

Well, the card stuff on this particular laptop Just Works under -stable - but 
then the sound won't get attached, which is why I'm trying to get a full house 
of devices under -current.


> The second problem is, at its base, that we're not assigning memory
> for this device in the pci layer.  However, pccbb tries to work around
> that by asking the pci layer for a specific range, triggering an
> allocation.  That allocation is failing (the third of two problems :-)
> because the bridge code isn't clipping the request to what's decoded,
> but rather rejecting it.
> Until problem 1 is fixed, problem is moot for you.  NEWCARD doesn't
> have the concept of polling, which is problem number 4 of 2, so you
> can't do the OLDCARD trick of using ISA interupts (which NEWCARD
> doesn't support either, problem number 5 of 2).
> Gotta love one problem report hitting 5 problems all at once :-)

You do? :-/

Thanks Warner.


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