Hiten Pandya wrote:
> MH> The lock order verification is not part of the mtx
> MH> API.  It's debugging
> MH> stuff activated by default in -CURRENT.  If you do
> MH> not want to see these
> MH> warnings, remove ``options WITNESS'' from your
> MH> kernel conf or patch the
> MH> code to solve the problem :-)
> hi,
> i know that bit.. the WITNESS option is commented
> which says about the mutexes, but what i mean.. if i
> wanted to patch a lock order reversal... how would i
> do that... (i am newbie [not so newbie..])..

First, locate the faulting part of code, then just modify it so that it
enforces the established lock order.  The way to fix it is somewhat
obvious, but it may indeed be very hard in some cases.

Good luck,
Maxime Henrion
Don't be fooled by cheap finnish imitations ; BSD is the One True Code

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