On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Kenneth D. Merry wrote:

> So did you try the statically linked -stable binary on -current?

Yes, I used the newest version from the ports (compiled on -CURRENT) and
the staticly linked from -STABLE both on -CURRENT, and the CDs are
> Is it completely static?  (i.e. ldd cdrecord should report that it isn't a
> dynamic executable)

Yes it is.

> That may help narrow the problem down somewhat.  I'm not sure, though,
> whether the -stable binary will work with the pass interface on -current.

It doesn't matter wether I take cdrecord from -CURRENT or from -STABLE,
the CDs (I burn on -CURRENT) are identical.

> Are there any areas with good data on the CD?  i.e. can you see any pattern
> to the corruption?  If you compare the same CD burned from -current and
> -stable you might begin to see a patern.

Yes, about half of the CD is correct, and the rest is filled up with
binary zero. If there are data other then zero on the CD, then they are

> Is the table of contents correct?

I don't know, but I don't think so. The first 60kB (exact 60kB!) of the
broken CD are zeros, and I can't mount it.

> Ken
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> Kenneth Merry


    Christoph &:-)

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