John Baldwin wrote:

> On 27-Nov-01 Jim Bryant wrote:
>>VESA is broked.  Remove VESA from your config.  Been this way for months.
>>It also will panic once in a VESA mode, such as my favorite and yours,
>>132x60, when switching from vty to vty.
> Ouch, this is not good.  This means vm86 is likely broke.  Hmm, I wonder if the
> TSS is broken somehow?  Can you narrow this down to a particular commit?

I think I wrote on this sometime in June or July.  I went without internet access from 
about late-Feb/early-March through 
late-May/early-June.  Once I was able to cvsup again, the problem was there.  After 
writing to the list on this, I was responded to 
by the syscons maintainer [I forget his name, but I'll buy him a sake or Saporro to 
apologize for my memory lapse someday] who said 
that VESA is broken and should not be in my config.  Sure enough, removing VESA fixed 

The closest answer I can give is the time-frame from about Feburary through June.  My 
schedule is quite full right now, but I could 
do a little browsing through the attic as I can, and see what I can find related to 
both vm86 and syscons, as long as there are 
other eyes looking for it too.

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