In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jim Bloom writes:
: A later kernel (possibly today's source) say that it is a 6722 instead of a
: 672x.  Other changes in the dmesg output (copied by hand since the machine does
: not survive) are :
: pcic0: Autodected 3.3V card   (once per card)
: pcic0: reset 1 int is 0 stat is cc    (once per card, stat was df or ff before)
: pcic0: reset 2 int is 60 stat is cc
: pcic0: reset 3 int is 60 stat is cc
: The machine is an old AST Ascentia 810N.

Thanks Jim.  I hvae an old toshiba satelite that I thought had a topic
in it when I bought it that turned out to have a 6722 in it.  I'll see
if I can get -current on it, but it may have to wait until after Dec
10th when I get back from Japan.


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