In the last episode (Nov 28), Kenneth Culver said:
> I was just wondering if the following syscalls had any chance of being 
> implemented anytime soon?
> linux: syscall ftruncate64 is obsoleted or not implemented (pid=5695)
> linux: syscall mmap2 is obsoleted or not implemented (pid=5691)
> linux: 'ioctl' fd=6, cmd=0x7201 ('r',1) not implemented
> I'm wondering because I wanted to use the new transgaming winex to
> run windows games (which would allow me to remove windows completely
> from my computer) but it won't run because these syscalls aren't
> supported.
> I'm running -CURRENT from a few days ago, with the linux_base-7.1 linux 
> libraries. Thanks.

>From Linux headers:

#define TUNIOCGETINFO  0x7201  /* get version of driver & capabilities of tuner */

Doubtful that its failure will affect you.  I assume ftruncate64()
should map almost directly onto our ftruncate().  Not sure what mmap2()

        Dan Nelson

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