With a recently re-built XFree86, running on -current from last Sunday,
whenever I hit one of the keypad keys, the X server crashes.  This is
somewhat disconcerting...

The kernel prints "sigreturn: eflags = 0x13282, was 0x256" (the old
eflags value an addition I made to that printf whilst tracking down
another problem).  These values are consistent.  The X server reports
that it received SIGBUS and will core dump, but instead goes into a
tight loop and needs kill -ABRT or kill -9 to recover.  This happens
whether or not I'm logged in, after I use xmodmap to unmap the
relevant keycodes and when the screen is locked.

ktrace on the Xserver shows the server reading a keycode from the
keyboard, checking the mouse and getting EWOULDBLOCK then receiving

Has anyone else seen anything like this?


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