Okay, I hope putting my $.02 in here does not get me into this war. I just 
have a comment/concern.

Taking uucp out of the system will leave a security hole around will it not?. 
Actually I think this will make it worse. Now the users (unless they install 
a fresh system) are left with the uucp binaries in their base system. Since 
there is nothing in /usr/src to update them with they will remain there, in 
whatever state, untill they realize this and take them out manually (even an 
UPDATING entry might not be noticed). Even after installing the port will 
these binaries not remain? I see it can copy the old configuration files over 
but does it remove the old binaries?

Please don't get me involved in this debate, I just had these concerns that I 
did not notice getting addressed. If they were and I did not see it then I 


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