Thank you for your comments.

The User Config menu is completely disabled and isn't available
in -CURRENT now.

I strongly doubt it will ever come back. You see, we can now
set/unset/edit device resource "hints" from the loader(8) prompt,
thus, there is little need to have the old User Config menu compiled
into the kernel.

Please also have a look at my draft on the man page for device.hints(5).

The only thing which were available in the User Config, but is not in
the loader(8) is the "Visual" User Config option.

But, I expect such visual front-end to edit the device resource hints
can be added to the loader, in one way or another.


>> Please have a look at my preliminary patch at
>Very nice work!  Especially all the references to hints.
>Must have taken quite some time.  Thank you :)
>In the atkbd.4 manpage you changed a part in:
>     The
>     .Nm
>    -driver accepts the following driver flags.  They can be set either in
>    the
>    -kernel configuration file
>    -(see
>    -.Xr config 8 ) ,
>    -or else in the User Configuration Menu at boot time
>    +driver accepts the following driver flags.
>    +They can be set either in
>    +.Pa /boot/device.hints ,
>    +or else from within the boot loader
>     (see
>    -.Xr boot 8 ) .
>    +.Xr loader 8 ) .
>Same thing can also be found at psm.4, syscons.4, matcd.4
>Since both the User Configuration menu can be used (provided that
>support has been compiled in the kernel) do you think you could
>mention both somehow?  Or is this not really necessary?

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