Kris Kennaway wrote:
> No, Terry, I didn't offer you carte blanche to "submit any change to
> FreeBSD and I'll commit it", I offered to commit your specific changes
> to an area of FreeBSD you were complaining about (registration of
> sysinstall distributions as packages), which I happened to agree
> needed to be fixed.  I called your bluff then, and I called it again
> when you started complaining about the UUCP port.
> Here are the messages I sent you to which I refer above.  You never
> replied to either -- presumably because I'd pinned you down into a
> position where you were forced to do work in order to continue.

I did not see the second message, since Earthlink has screwed
up my "" email forwarding which Primenet never
screwed up in the 5 years before Earthlink bought their dialup
customers from Global crossing (who acquired Primenet).

As to the work itself, I have been avoiding it, since we have
a new person at ClickArray whose "trial by fire" is building
an updated "developer workstation release CDROM" based on the
FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE plus our heavily modified kernel code,
and our distribution package for our current release product
(i.e. a CDROM that can be used to install engineering desktop
machines, and can also be used as a "golden master" for the
release engineering process).

As soon as he has successfully been mentored through this
process (which involves many local patches, some of which I
posted to you, and which must be manually integrated, since
the FreeBSD "add patches during ``make release''" doesn't
work if you are patching the top level release Makefile), I
will be able to turn my attention to it without stepping on
his toes or his learning process.

Thanks for the copy of the email I missed, and thanks for
your patience until the release work in progress has been
completed (new FreeBSD hackers have to come from somewhere,
after all).

-- Terry

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