I'm copying in some tar-files, which are written directly
to floppy disks.
It worked fine for "normal" floppies, but now I have 7
floppies that fail (when I use "dd if=/dev/fd0 of=diskN.tar")
fd0: hard error reading fsbn 0 (ST0 40<abnrml> ST1 1<no_am>
     ST2 0 cyl 0 hd 0 sec 1)

  For the first floppies that got this error, I assumed they
had been damaged.
The reason I think they might NOT be damaged is that they
are all of the same type (different type from the floppies
I could read), and they are all "double density" floppies.

  So, I thought I'd try using a raw device configured for
higher density disks. However, I can't find any such device;
I only have /dev/fd0, but without devfs (in -stable) I had
/dev/fd*.<number> which is described in fdc(4)

  The fdc man page seem to be out of date.
My question is, how can I do the equivalent of opening, for
example, /dev/fd0.1720 (in -stable) under -current?

      Joel Wilsson

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