On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 02:34:51PM -0600, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
> > Do you mean 'full-time IP connectivity', because if you can setup a UUCP
> > connection, you can just as easily setup a PPP connection over the same
> > medium, giving you IP connectivity.
> True, but there's a lot more infrastructure overhead involved in
> setting up a group of disconnected machines via dialup IP than
> there is connecting them via UUCP. And where dialup time is precious
> UUCP is the hands-down winner for not wasting any of that dialup
> resource.
> > therefore doesn't belong in the mainstream release.  It *is* still
> > available as an add-on port, so those who need it can still get it
> So the base distribution contains /bin/sh, /sbin/init, and
> /sbin/pkg_add? Me, I like my bikesheds painted in white and green
> zebra stripes.
> >   Finally, the security
> > issues make it a non-starter to keep in the default distribution.
> I would like to see evidence of where --config is *required* to
> make someone's UUCP setup work. And what percentage of the overall
> UUCP user population are represented by those people? I still
> contend the "problem" can be fixed by removing --config. While that
> fix will apparently impact some people, the impact of that fix is
> a lot lower than ripping out UUCP altogether.

There are many other points - some examples I know of:
The /var/spool/uucppublic which is writeable by everyone.
Usually you don't want this.

Ever received a mail with an envelope like "foo bar"@company.com?
It's legal and sendmail accepts them - but rmail doesn't like the space
as it gets to arguments out of it.
This is maybe even exploitable.

uux forwarding to a site with exact 8 letters in size doesn't work.
Yes - tranditional sites are limited to 7 letters but users don't care.

There is a port and thus packages will be build and you can install
it whenever you need it.
If you don't need  it - which is the by far most common case - you
don't want to see such a critical and unmaintained software installed.

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