> * Kenneth D. Merry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [011009 00:11] wrote:
> > 
> > As you say above, this is actually a good thing.  I don't see how this ties
> > into the patch to introduce some sort of interrupt coalescing into the
> > ti(4) driver.   IMO, you should be able to tweak the coalescing parameters
> > on the board to do what you want.
> No matter how hard you tweak the board, an interrupt may still
> trigger while you process a hardware interrupt, this causes an
> additional poll which can cause additional coalescing.

I don't think I understand what sort of crack you are smoking.

If an interrupt-worthy condition is asserted on the board, you aren't 
going to leave your typical interrupt handler anyway; this sort of 
coalescing already happens without any "help".

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