> > Just like with anonymous FTP, don't make it world writable if you don't
> > want the world writing to it.
> Right - that's what actually was done.
> Don't install it unless you need.

Oh give me a break. You do not disable anonymous FTP uploads by
'rm /usr/libexec/ftpd'.

> I'm talking about the one in FreeBSD.
> uux job is to setup the commands for the next site and break the
> next sitename if it equals 8 letters.

That's strange. For over two years I've talked hourly to a pair
of UUCP sites with eight character nodenames, and it works just
fine. What is the specific breakage you are seeing?

> There is a big difference - they are maintained and don't contain known
> security issues.

Again I ask: if maintenance is an issue, why would you not even
attempt to find a maintainer?

> I don't get your point - what is wrong with having it a port?

Well, here's one reason:

1) Remove all the network interfaces from your system (Ethernet,
PPP, SL/IP, etc). 

2) cd into /usr/ports and try to build UUCP.

Unless you have a prepopulated /usr/ports/distfiles, it won't work.
Requiring IP connectivity to bootstrap software on a machine
that doesn't have IP connectivity is a non-starter. Yes, you can
install from the CDROM, but there will always be cases where you
can't do this (media errors, lack of CD, etc.)

However my underlying argument still remains that nothing is being
done to address the actual problem. I.e., people are going out of
their way to see the problem NOT get fixed. There's an issue of
principal at stake here, and I really don't like the precedent that
is being set by this move.


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