> There are many other points - some examples I know of:
> The /var/spool/uucppublic which is writeable by everyone.
> Usually you don't want this.

Just like with anonymous FTP, don't make it world writable if you don't
want the world writing to it.

> Ever received a mail with an envelope like "foo bar"@company.com?
> It's legal and sendmail accepts them - but rmail doesn't like the space

I use rsmtp to forward mail, so that's not a problem.

> uux forwarding to a site with exact 8 letters in size doesn't work.
> Yes - tranditional sites are limited to 7 letters but users don't care.

But you'll know on a per-site basis if it's going to work or not.
If it doesn't, you work around it. Bugs in _other_ UUCP implementations
are not grounds for ditching ours.

> There is a port and thus packages will be build and you can install
> it whenever you need it.

jot, lam, colldef, lkbib, xstr, bikeshed.

> If you don't need  it - which is the by far most common case - you
> don't want to see such a critical and unmaintained software installed.

How can it be both unneeded and critical? I'll agree it's unmaintained;
the fix for that is to find a maintainer.


Learn from the mistakes of others; you'll never live long enough
to make them all yourself.

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