The release notes for -CURRENT are a real mess.  The current ordering
rule is something like "chronological ordering of items within a
section, but keep related items together".  I've just begun converting
the release notes (one section at a time) to an alphabetical sorting (on
manpage references, filenames, or application names, with a few
exceptions).  With this, we'll stand a greater chance of people actually
being able to find all the release notes relating to a particular
command, API, or whatever.  I just committed a change for the "Userland"
section...the rest will follow, one at a time, over the next few weeks.
If you happen to be in the mood for committing release notes to a
section, take a quick look to see what the current state of that section

Note that 4.4-STABLE's release notes already have the alphabetical
ordering, which I imposed after the post-4.4-RELEASE truncation of the


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