Cool!  Committed to -current.  Of course, this should really be rolled
into the loader so that the sequence is more like this:

<boot kern.flp>
Would you like to load any additional kernel modules (y/n)? y
Please insert modules floppy and press return:
<forth script runs which presents menu for all items on modules floppy,
 doing loads on any selected>
Please insert mfsroot floppy and press return:
<mfsroot is loaded as usual>
<system boots into sysinstall>

That way there's no need for a deviceRescan() and the user doesn't
have to remember to invoke the Load KLD menu item before selecting an
Installation type.  I remember some german(?) guy even writing a bunch
of FICL primitives for doing those sorts of UIs.  I wonder what ever
happened to that stuff?

- Jordan

> On 13-Sep-2001 Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> >  Cool, can I see it?
> Sure..
> Mmm dynamic libdialog menus :)
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