I may have missed in the recent traffic on this list, but with the system svcup'ed on 
11-Oct I am running into some problems with things network-related.  In particular I 

WARNING: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("net/xl0")

when I bring up a ppp link (with -nat and -auto parameters)

Then I get 

8:42:13pm # Oct 12 20:42:38 vogon ppp[4248]: tun0: Warning: Chan
ge route failed: errno: Invalid argument

with a subsequent

Oct 13 07:21:06 vogon /boot/kernel/kernel: arplookup failed: could n
ot allocate llinfo

The setup is like this: is a FreeBSD-CURRENT box acting as a gateway on the local network (home) is a WinNT machine that is one of the clients on the same network

Before the last cvsup none of these warnnings were creaping up.  That's non-critical 
(everything works), yet litters logs and I generally can't seem to figure out what may 
be the cause of this all...


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