I am writing a man page for the /boot/device.hints file.

My understanding is that /boot/device.hints is for
describing resources for devices, and /boot/loader.conf is for
loader variables and kernel tunable parameters.

(The loader.conf file, the loader variables, and the kernel
tunable parameters are documented in loader(8) and loader.conf(5).
The device.hints file is mentioned nowhere :-)

In addition to the load variables, the kernel tunable parameters,
and resource hints, we now seem to have another class of environment
variables which affect the kernel and device drivers.

For example, the acpi driver use some variables for debugging:
debug.acpi.layer, debug.acpi.level, debug.acpi.avoid, etc.
Where are these variables expected to appear?

I know we can put them in /boot/loader.conf or /boot/device.hints
and they work either way.  But, we had better document the
"proper" place to put these variables.

A draft copy of device.hints(5) man page is found at



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