Nate Williams wrote:
> Umm, how did you get FreeBSD installed in the first place, if you didn't
> have IP connectivity and no CDROM?

Start with 386BSD 0.1 floppies and upgrade your way to
-current via uuencoded email...

Oh yeah, baby!

> IP connectivity is necessary to get the OS installed, so this
> is a moot point.

Actually, you can still use floppies, or have your cousin
in the first world send you a preinstalled IDE drive for

> And, if you want to maintain the UUCP software, it's as easy to do in
> the prot as it is in the OS, and is in fact *easier* to maintain as a
> port w/out IP connectivity since you can submit patches via email, but
> you can't commit changes to the CVS tree via email as easily.

Who commists the patches to the port?

Where does the source code for the port live, such that
when you cd to it's directory in /usr/ports and type
"make install" (so you can be a UUCP to Internet gateway
for the UUCP users), there's some place where you will
always be able to download it from?


-- Terry

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