Over than an year ago (9.9.2000) I submitted a pr (kern/21154)
to ask renaming from actual *_saver.ko to saver_*.ko of saver
modules to uniform names under /boot/kernel as sound (snd_*),
interfaces (if_*), splash (splash_*) and netgraph (ng_*).

I tryed to figure where are used and I found only /etc/rc.i386:
    kldstat -v | grep -q _saver || kldload ${saver}_saver
need to be changed to:
    kldstat -v | grep -q saver_ || kldload saver_${saver}

Is this really so stupid?  I think order is important...

Another question: I noticed good support for USB peripherals
like scanner, mp3 player (rio) mouse and ethernet but nothing
to use a photo camera (yes, I buy an inexpensive usb digital
photo camera, Agfa ePhoto-CL18) and I try to compile gphoto
because it recently added support for CL-18 (w/out success).

Would be a great idea add /dev/uphoto and even better a sort
of photo-file-system, where read is mapped to download image,
unlink to delete and maybe create file to take a picture so
we can use ls, cp, rm and touch to access photo camera...


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