> Hi all,
> I've just upgraded my system to today's -CURRENT (I was running a
> -CURRENT from April 2001). Although I encountered some problems, the
> UPDATING file got me through (I love the way FreeBSD documents stuff)
> and my system is running fine (background fsck, great!) except for my
> PCMCIA CDROM player. I have a Sony VAIO Z600 laptop by the way.
> I was hoping somebody can point me in the right direction (searching
> the web/mailinglist archives didn't help).
> My CDROM player was always correctly identified with my previous install
> as NinjaATA on irq 3 (slot 0 on pccard0). After the upgrade, it is
> recognised, but assigned irq 9 (which is not in pccard.conf) after which
> the system hangs until the card is removed. This irq is (and was) shared
> with fxp0, pcm0.
> I've turned off PnP in the BIOS to no avail. I've tried a NEWCARD
> kernel, which does not even recognise the card. My PCMCIA wireless card
> works fine (also on irq 9).
> Attached are kernel messages when inserting the card (with the april
> 2001 -CURRENT, today's -CURRENT with oldcard and today's -CURRENT with
> newcard), dmesg output and kernel config file.

I had a similar problem, though it was with my ed0-compatible
pcmcia network card. At some point in the past pccardd stopped
assigning correct IRQ to it, wich resulted in famous `ed0
timeout' error. I've workarounded the problem by replacing `?'
with real IRQ number in my pccard.conf, however I understand that
it is only a temporarly solution.


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