In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Walter Belgers writes:
: Maxim Sobolev wrote:
: > > My CDROM player was always correctly identified with my previous install
: > > as NinjaATA on irq 3 (slot 0 on pccard0). After the upgrade, it is
: > > recognised, but assigned irq 9 (which is not in pccard.conf) after which
: > > the system hangs until the card is removed. This irq is (and was) shared
: > > with fxp0, pcm0.
: > 
: > I had a similar problem, though it was with my ed0-compatible
: > pcmcia network card. At some point in the past pccardd stopped
: > assigning correct IRQ to it, wich resulted in famous `ed0
: > timeout' error. I've workarounded the problem by replacing `?'
: > with real IRQ number in my pccard.conf, however I understand that
: > it is only a temporarly solution.
: I forgot to say: I tried that as well, to no avail, it still takes irq 9
: instead of 3 which I put in pccard.conf (and yes, I did start pccardd
: with the correct pccard.conf). Also using pccardd -i 3 did not work.

There's a bug in the ata driver that Ian Downes has a patch for.
Since cardbus bridges are now using level interrupts to allow sharing
(which is why it used irq 9, the same as your bridge), cards that
assert interrupt, but don't clear it, will cause the machine to hang
in an interrupt storm.  Ian's patches fix that.


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