John Baldwin writes:
 > On 17-Oct-01 Mike Smith wrote:
 > >> Should the below work ?
 > >> 
 > >> ifconfig_xl0="DHCP media 100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex"
 > > 
 > > I don't think so.  Try using the start_if script stuff to pre-set your 
 > > media options before DHCP gets hold of the interface; I'm pretty sure 
 > > that'll work.
 > Yes, this works great.  I use it on one of my alpha's that doesn't autoneg by
 > default.  You don't set ifconfig_xl0 to anything, but instead create a

Non-autoneg is a feature -- the tulip drivers listen to the SRM
console's media settings and bases the tulip's default behaviour on them.
This is for compat with Tru64 and VMS..

If you want it to augoneg, do 'set ewa0_mode auto' at the SRM console
prompt and it will act like any other freebsd nic on any platform.


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