On 17-Oct-01 Jan Knepper wrote:
> Hi!
> I just cvsup'ed to a later CURRENT and seems to have problems booting my 
> Dell Inspiron 5000e. The kernel seemed to hang on ACPI detection. 
> Turning setting acpi_load=NO did not seem to make a difference. Renaming 
> the module to ~.ko- solved the boot problem for now, however, the 3Com 
> Megahertz Model 3CXFEM656C does not seem to work anymore... It used to 
> work fine with the kernel of August 17, 2001...
> Any ideas?

This is a FAQ.  Please search the archives next time.  You need this in


Note that the latest ACPI is getting fairly nice.  I can suspend and resume
multiple times w/o any problems including all sorts of weird insertion and
ejections with newcard (which works great with both pccards and cardbus cards
on the 5000e).  The battery status reporting in the sysctl works, and CPU
throttling when the AC adapter is unplugged seems to work as well.  The suspend
key (Fn-Esc) also works for suspend and resume.  There is one rather annoying
bug: the ACPI code should discary any pending sleep state changes when it wakes
up.  For example, I sometimes hit the suspend key instead of the power key to
resume, and thus when it does resume, it immediately suspends again, which is
annoying.  Same thing happens if I suspend via Fn-Esc and then close the lid
and try to resume.

> Thanks!
> Jan


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