Thanks for the suggestions.  The first thing I tried was the kernel.old 
but somehow I managed to have the same
problem.  It just dawned on me that I could build a Generic kernel on my 
laptop burn it on a cd (don't have a floppy)
and install it on the sick machine.  That is what I did and it's happily 
doing a cvsup right now that will be followed
by a make world and new kernel.

Many thanks to you, Andrew and Manfred for keeping me from drowning in a 
glass of water.


Alfred Perlstein wrote:

>* Edwin Culp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [011201 21:25] wrote:
>>Thanks.  Now my problem is that I can't cvsup.  Any ideas on how to 
>>update my sources?  
>>Maybe someone could email me a patch and I could take it over with a 
>>floppy.  Right now
>>I have no access to the network with the machine that has the fatal trap.
>interrupt the boot sequence, type:
>unload kernel
>boot kernel.old
>make a backup of your /boot/kernel.old
>rebuild kernel
>install kernel
>if there's a problem you should be able to boot your backed up copy
>of kernel.old

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