> I don't know if there's a way to stop this, but it's normal, whenever I use 
> my Parallel port zip drive, I have similar problems.

There isn't, really.  The parallel port is terribly inefficient.

> > But what surprises me is that copying that data to the parallel intfc burns
> > up an incredible amount of CPU. Until the document is printed, there's a
> > steady bg buzz of ~10% CPU use, with periods of 50% and even 100% CPU
> > utilization by the 'parallel'[1] process. The load is sufficient that it
> > locks out the mouse on X (interrupt blocking?).
> >
> > Anyone care to comment? Does this sound normal? Is there a way to reduce
> > the amount of CPU needed to drive the parallel port?

Get a USB printer, or a USB-parallel adapter cable.  It won't necessarily 
be much faster, but it will use a lot less CPU.  The cables are pretty 
cheap (< $30), and they're mostly based on a single design that's known 
to work.

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