> : > : requests for the register window to be based at 0xf4000000.
> : > 
> : > Actually, for most people, just ignoring the error is enough to make
> : > it work.
> : 
> : This bothers me.  Are bridges ignoring their mapping registers? 
> It would appaer that they are.  It hurts my brain that it works.

I don't mind it hurting my brain; it bothers me because if we try to toe 
the "correctness" line and nobody else (including the hardware) does, 
then we might find ourselves stuck in a corner we can't easily get out of 
in a hurry.

> However, I think the point is moot because in current I've fixed it to
> clip the ranges properly.

That's definitely what I intended.  I guess I should fix the typos in 
that file too, eh?

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