I reinstalled my laptop with quite current current
(20011126-JPSNAP) because I need to access NTFS partition and have 32bit
PCCARD NIC (NTFS was just unbroken on current AFAIK).

When I connect with ftp to 4.3-RELEASE using 100Mbps-FDX I can upload from
NTFS partition with about 6MB/s (limited by disk - in systat I see
lots of 4KB requests, disk usage about 90%). When connecting from 4.3
to FTPD running on current I get 7MB downloading from UFS slice and
1MB for NTFS partition! Systat show lots of 244KB requests (totalling in
22MB/s - nonsense on this disk).

I expect the problem is in NTFS but there must be something important in a
way ftpd reads files to serve.

I can give you all the info you would need.

Michal Mertl

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