Peter Wemm writes:
| I for one will miss it.  I used libexec/telnetd extensively during ia64
| bootstrap (and still use it) before we had the crypto stuff going.  This
| was all built by hand, 'make world' still isn't an option there.  I also
| use usr.bin/telnet on other systems where SRA is constantly getting in 
| my face and annoying the !^@#%!@^#!# out of me.

Well, for the SRA thing you can do a "-X SRA" now that it doesn't 
core-dump if you do that (I submited that patch a year ago or so
since it was pretty annoying!).  I setup my telnetd servers with 
"-X SRA" so that I don't have to do it via command line.

Doug A.

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