My -CURRENT box got this panic tonight. Apparently, null_inactive tries
to vput NULL lowervp vnode, but how lowervp has managed to become NULL
is  not immediately clear for me :( I have crash dump available, if
anyone is interested.

#0  dumpsys () at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:492
#1  0xc01f4ab8 in boot (howto=0x104) at
#2  0xc01f4f07 in panic (fmt=0xc032cbd9 "bremfree: bp %p not locked")
at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:634
#3  0xc0222c29 in bremfree (bp=0xc6df7cf0) at
#4  0xc0224261 in vfs_bio_awrite (bp=0xc6df7cf0) at
#5  0xc01d5ff4 in spec_fsync (ap=0xd197c9c8) at
#6  0xc01d5bad in spec_vnoperate (ap=0xd197c9c8) at
#7  0xc02ae621 in ffs_sync (mp=0xc1c69600, waitfor=0x2,
cred=0xc0e5ac00, td=0xc03dc164) at vnode_if.h:441
#8  0xc022f4ea in sync (td=0xc03dc164, uap=0x0) at
#9  0xc01f478d in boot (howto=0x100) at
#10 0xc01f4f07 in panic (fmt=0xc032e6da "vput: null vp") at
#11 0xc022cdbd in vput (vp=0x0) at ../../../kern/vfs_subr.c:1665
#12 0xc1cba606 in null_inactive (ap=0xd197caa8) at
#13 0xc022ce86 in vput (vp=0xd1fc5840) at vnode_if.h:654
#14 0xc0492287 in nfs_lookup (ap=0xd197cbc4) at
#15 0xc022a8f9 in lookup (ndp=0xd197cc44) at vnode_if.h:45
#16 0xc022a3e4 in namei (ndp=0xd197cc44) at
#17 0xc0231375 in stat (td=0xd1899704, uap=0xd197cd20) at
#18 0xc02ec147 in syscall (frame={tf_fs = 0x2f, tf_es = 0xbfbf002f,
tf_ds = 0xbfbf002f, tf_edi = 0xbfbffe3a, 
      tf_esi = 0xbfbff938, tf_ebp = 0xbfbff998, tf_isp = 0xd197cd74,
tf_ebx = 0x810a720, tf_edx = 0x1, tf_ecx = 0x3, 
      tf_eax = 0xbc, tf_trapno = 0x0, tf_err = 0x2, tf_eip =
0x2830b9e3, tf_cs = 0x1f, tf_eflags = 0x200287, 
      tf_esp = 0xbfbff50c, tf_ss = 0x2f}) at
#19 0xc02dfc1d in syscall_with_err_pushed ()
#20 0x8094e81 in ?? ()
#21 0x809a0ec in ?? ()
#22 0x8064dfb in ?? ()
#23 0x806d38c in ?? ()
#24 0x804d841 in ?? ()
E-Mail: Alexander N. Kabaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 10-Dec-2001
Time: 11:18:02

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