If this isn't a troll, I don't know what is....

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Jackie 'business-first' Cook wrote:

> There are days when people get tired with the lagacy code in the
> system - when things of the past just have to go. Recently I got sick
> and tired with one of those things. The command is, as you could have
> guessed from the subject, xags(1) aka /usr/bin/xargs. It is buggy and
> cluttered piece of code. Faulty and hard to use command. It's
> idiosyncratic syntax makes people dizzy everytime they use/or just try
> to use it.

Well, in that case, find(1) needs to be pitched as well for it's 
"idiosyncratic syntax" as well. Besides xargs is part of the POSIX 1003.2 
Standard. Since we are trying to be POSIX compliant, xargs should stay. If 
you think the code is ugly, please feel free to fix it. Patches are most 


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