On Monday, 10 December 2001 at 22:45:22 -0800, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Hiten Pandya wrote:
>> i wanted to ask if there were any _plans_ to port
>> JFS (Journaled File System) to FreeBSD...
> Not unless you have plans.  When I was an IBM employee, they would
> not change the license, and so it's impossible to ship a CDROM
> where it's the boot FS, or boxes on which it is the boot FS, and
> still have it be legal, because of the license conflicts.
> I fought this for about a year within IBM, before I gave up.

Since then, it has become possible for the loader to load modules
before booting the kernel.  This means that, theoretically, it would
be possible to have a JFS root file system.  Given the strong
opposition to the GPL in some factions of the FreeBSD project, I don't
see this happening any time soon, especially since we still don't know
if it will buy us anything.

>> It is used on IBM MainFrames and Enterprise servers
>> for high performance and maximum throughput...
> No, it's not.  The Linux JFS is derived from the OS/2 JFS code, not
> the good AIX JFS code.

That's correct, but note that AIX is moving to this code base too, so
it's not as if it's second-rate.  From what I've seen of the
structures, JFS2 is *much* better than JFS1.  I haven't compared

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