Hi, not sure quite how to do a bug report on this, and didn't see any bug
reports that matched, so I thought I'd throw it to the list to see...

Audio output on my compile of current has noise in the audio stream, it's
usually very regular... an mp3 pops at a little more than 1hz, a wav is
too fast to guess on, almost a buzz. 'sync' and other utils that force
disk io make a nasty beep noise, I'm guessing the popping is a very short
occurance of that. Compiling puts some ugly noises out through it. 4.4
didn't do it, and I'm dual booting with linux and that doesn't do it, so I
don't believe it's strictly hardware. I've posted my kernel config, uname,
and dmesg at http://www.smluc.org/~erik/fbsd/

I'm willing to work on this, but I don't want to duplicate effort or spend
too long fighting it if it's a stupid config mistake or something :) 

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