There's a number of build problems exists with libssh, pam_ssh,
and libpam triple.  The major issue being that the static PAM
library, libpam.a, doesn't currently support pam_ssh.

There have been a semi-private discussion taking place between
me and Mark Murray on the subject, and I've prepared a set of
patches to address these issues.

First approach proposed was to make libssh a "standard" FreeBSD
library, in that sense that it has its name in bsd.libnames.mk
namespace, and is installable under /usr/lib, and is available
for dynamic linking.  This approach was rejected, because
libssh is believed to be of no common interest to be available
under /usr/lib, in that sense when we call such a library

The latest patch on the subject is believed to fix all these
issues, while still preserving libssh from being visible under

I've already sent a notification to Mark, and he promised to
look into my patch during the next week or so.

For those also interested, I've put my patch and the detailed
log here:


In order to test it without a full "buildworld", you'll have
to proceed in this order:

1.  Install updated bsd.lib.mk and bsd.libnames.mk.
2.  Build secure/lib/libssh.
3.  Build and install lib/libpam.

Now you're ready to build/install any PAMified stuff
statically, and pam_ssh should be available.

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