On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 12:15:54PM +0530, Bruce Montague wrote:
> Two solid problems occur with the sound/pci/ich
> driver for the ICH2 (Intel 82801BA I/O Controller
> Hub) on Dell Optiplex 150 PCs.  One problem
> (a fatal hang) occurs under 4.4-RELEASE,
> 4.4-STABLE, and 5.0-CURRENT (as of yesterday).
> I have a temporary fix for the fatal hang,
> but don't claim to understand the Intel ICH2
> enough to know if it is "universal" (e.g.,
> the right thing.). I doubt it's comprehensive
> enough. Problems:
>  1) Systems hang on boot (perhaps half the
>    time) due to a never-cleared interrupt
>    condition. The audio device sometimes
>    comes up with an initial error condition
>    (X_SR_DCH); this interrupt is never
>    "dismissed/cleared" by the ich_intr()
>    interrupt handler; ich_intr() livelocks
>    (runs constantly). I have a quick ugly
>    work-around fix (listed below) for this.
>    Maybe the real fix would involve the device
>    init routine.

Cool! This may be a fix for PR kern/29769.

>  2) Microphone input doesn't work, the error
>    "pcm0: record interrupt timeout, channel dead"
>    always occurs (it doesn't look like any
>    channel other than PCM_PLAY is ever even
>    triggered in the 4.4-RELEASE or 4.4-STABLE
>    code). The microphone works OK in 5.0-CURRENT.
>    This problem is just due to the phase-in
>    of the features in the sound/pci/ich driver
>    code and appears to be expected behavior
>    when looked at long enough...

I haven't tested my microphone input yet.

> The hang-on boot problem is potentially serious
> because it is difficult to identify and
> precludes unattended reboot (in normal use
> one can just attempt reboot until the device
> comes up without the DCH error, i.e., "clean").

Indeed. However nobody seems to mind much (Jonathan Lemon pointed out
an errata in the ICH2/ICH2-M specification, which was probably the cause;
however I don't understand the code enough to fix the bug).

> Here is how I kludge/fixed the hang on boot
> problem (again, I'm not claiming this is the
> "right" fix, but the systems have never hung
> on boot with it in, and without it they hang
> about half to a third the time).

I'll try your fix on monday (4.4-STABLE).


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