:The way ReiserFS does this is to affix a contract to the CVS change
:submission, or require that the contract be manually affixed to any
:email submissions.
:The rights are assigned, with the terms being "in consideration for
:examination of the submission" (it's not a contract unless there is
:consideration and exchange).
:The FSF handles this slightly differently, but the practical matter
:of the assignment is in effect the same.
:-- Terry

    Yes, and I'm planning on doing something similar with the Backplane
    Database.  It's a good idea, just not a good idea to assign your own
    works to someone else (e.g. not the FSF).  The FSF can do whatever they
    want with their own code and can ask contributors to assign rights to
    them, but it is totally inappropriate for them to ask people to assign
    the copyright for other unrelated GPL'd works to them.

    Also, the latest version of the GPL in my view weakens it terribly.
    The way it reads, the copyright is not the copyright in the file but
    the latest copyright on FSF's site (which theoretically allows the FSF
    to update the copyright and have the new version automatically apply
    to preexisting works).  I don't think it's even close to being legal.

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