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Subject: Re: current doesnt see ps2 port with acpi enabled on intel vc820

> > I have just compiled and installed -current from this morning
> > 7AMPST, and have noticed that when acpi is enabled in loader.conf the OS
> > does not see the ps2 mouse port. When I turn off ACPI the mouse port
> > shows up fine. Other than not seeing the ps2 port when in ACPI enabled
> > mode, the OS works without a hitch on my motherboard. Any ideas? IF this
> > is a known problem please let me know, as I have been off this list for
> > a month or so.

> I'm seeing the same problem on my MSI bookpc. For some reasons, the psm
> device will fail to get an IRQ when ACPI is enabled.
> Can you try the attached patch and see if it helps?

Hey I had the same problem but I assumed it was because I was slightly
overclocking an amd k6-2 500 to 550
on a cheap old e-machine via-based motherboard. I applied your patch and now
my mouse works. thanks!

although, partially in response to the mouse problem, I never use my kvm
switch anymore anyways, just vnc on the rare occasion I feel like playing
with x on this box.

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