In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Georg-W Koltermann さんいわ
>I finally got around to hook up a serial console and capture the error
>message.  This is with ACPI_DEBUG enabled in the kernel config, but
>ACPI is still loaded as a module, not configured statically.
>    acpi0: <PTLTD  EBRSDT  > on motherboard
>       ACPI-0294: *** Error: Method execution failed, AE_NOT_EXIST
>What surprises me is that the debug.acpi.* settings don't seem to take
>effect.  Would I need to configure ACPI statically for them to work,
>or is this problem just too early in the boot sequence?
>And what can I try next?
>----snip----serial console captured during boot----snip----
>OK show

unset acpi_load

Then send me ASL dump.

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