Regarding the 'JFS for FreeBSD' discussion, I have
started a project at SourceForge.net, which is for
the porting of JFS.

If you would like to join the JFS4BSD team in porting
the JFS to the FreeBSD Operating System, please do not
hesitate to either send a mail through SourceForge.net
or send me an email at: [EMAIL PROTECTED], and
the following in the subject: "[subscribe] jfs4bsd",
which will help me sort the mail out for the 

Everyone is welcome!

Note: You will need an account at SourceForge in order
to join any project including 'jfs4bsd'.

The following are the details for the project:

Project Full Name:  JFS for FreeBSD (JFS4BSD)
Project Unix Name:  jfs4bsd
CVS Server:         cvs.jfs4bsd.sourceforge.net
Web Site:   jfs4bsd.sourceforge.net

If you are not intending to join the project, please
ignore this mail.

Thank You for your co-operation,

Hiten Pandya

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