In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Terry Lambert writes:
>> One nasty bug is that the code for un-exporting filesystems checks
>> to see if the filesystem is among a list of supported types, but
>> the code for exporting doesn't. This list of supported filesystems
>> does not include ext2fs or hpfs, so you can successfully export
>> these filesystems, but they remain exported even when the /etc/exports
>> entry is removed and mountd is restarted or sent a SIGHUP, and no
>> errors are logged...
>This is actually the wrong way to go about this.

I'll agree with this much anyway :-) Ignoring for now how the exports
are managed in the kernel, it is really bad that mountd needs to
know about individual filesystems in order to NFS export them. The
export interface also does not allow the export list to be replaced
atomically, so all of the exports fail briefly when mountd reloads them
on receipt of a SIGHUP.

There is apparently work ongoing to improving the mount(2) interface
(I forget who is doing this). Hopefully this should make it much
easier to arrange for mountd to change the export lists in a
filesystem-independent manner, even if exports are still managed
per-filesystem in the kernel.

However for this bug (ext2fs and hpfs filesystems cannot be un-exported
once they have been exported) I am just looking for a quick solution
for now, but I have already put some thought into improving the
mountd-kernel interface, which is something I really want to see


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