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> Oops sorry, that was Joerg.

It's fixed now, although i'm still not convinces that using __i386__
is the right thing.  If our <machine/param.h> defines several
constants for _MACHINE_ARCH, they should all be distint for the
various machines.  As it seems now, all of them probably define the
same or whatever, so we end up in _MACHINE_ARCH@i386 ==
_MACHINE_ARCH@alpha == _MACHINE_ARCH@IA64 etc.  We could as well
delete those lines from <machine/param.h> then since they are pretty
useless in that case.  And no, MACHINE_ARCH (without the leading
underscore) cannot be used either since it defines a string constant
that can't be used in a cpp conditional.

Cc goes to [EMAIL PROTECTED]: what is the politically correct way to
distinguish a PC-type architecture (in that case one that uses a
PC-style RTC memory to store configuration information) from another
architecture that uses IA32 CPUs (like PC98, although they aren't
using /sys/isa/fd.c right now)?

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