:>     The structure is being bzero()'d before its dynamic flag gets checked.
:>     I've included a patch below.  Josef, I would appreciate it if you would
:>     apply the patch and try your system with the various procfs devices
:>     mounted again.  It's an obvious bug so I'm comitting it to -current now,
:>     the question is:  Is it the *only* bug?
:>                                               -Matt
:Hmm, why bzero at all if you are just going to free it?  Why not move the bzero
:to an else after the ISDYNSTRUCT check?  (Not that this is really all that
:important, but... :)
:John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  <><  http://www.FreeBSD.org/~jhb/

    He is invalidating the structure to catch references to deleted sbufs.
    (see assert_sbuf_integrity() calls).

    Josef, I take back my last request... I think there's another bug.
    Your vmstat -m output showed that both the sbuf pool and the VFS cache
    pool were blown up.  The fix I just made will probably only solve the 
    sbuf pool issue.  If you still want to test it, observe both pools
    in the vmstat -m output carefully!

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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