On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 12:46:40AM +1100, Bruce Evans wrote:
> I think pri_native is just an implementation detail which shouldn't
> be used or visible to threads.  It used used by the priority propagation
> mechanism to hold the original pri_level.  Threads should just use their
> original priority (or a different one if they want to temporarily change
> thier priority).  Even pri_level probably shouldn't be used or visible
> to threads.

the original priority should be somewhere and accessible,
either directly or through some function. Otherwise how
do we know what to pass to tsleep() ?

In any case I wonder if this is a bug new in -current; -stable
uses three separate data structures for realtime, user and idle tasks
so even specifying the wrong priority in tsleep should not cause
crossing classes there. -current has only one array, hence the
chance of doing the wrong thing.


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