>     I can only hope that our illustrious congress has grown as tired of
>     spam as I have and will fix the law to simply ban it.
>                                               -Matt

That would help, (most SPAM I receive even in Germany is from USA), but
spammers would move offshore from USA & still target us, just as most German
language spamming is now from countries outside Germany, so presumably German
language spammers pay foreign intermediaries or subsidiaries to spam.

Hostile counter attacks could supplement laws & filtering ...
- I got a panic stricken international phone call from a UK
  spammer near where I used to live, after I mailed & threatened
  to report him to local police &/or launch net attacks on his facilities.
- Anyone know of PD sourced tools & indexes that automate co-ordination
  of hostile counter attacks on identified spammers ?

PS Maybe if we were to regularly automatically scramble all email addresses
in our web searchable mail archives ? just inserting  ._ErAsE_ThIs_. in every 
email address would protect us from easy harvesting by simple spammer robots.

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